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Shire 3D HTML5 Game

Game Play

Use arrow keys (or aswd) for movement (up, down, left, right)

If you are inclined to shoot something, use space key

The number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 will change weapons

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Margot the Medium's Tarot and Phrenology Shoppe in the Shire's Alchemist's Row is a good source of information and Magickal Items. You might even get a Tarot Reading there!!!

Weapon Shops abound in the Shire since the Vikings, Berserkers, Norse, Half-Danes and other Invader Forces Attacked, pillaged and burned villages and hamlets in every Shire along the Shores and nearby inland areas of Umberland, Umbria, and other Northern Provinces ...

A Vicious and Almost Invisible Green Slyme guards the entrance to Level 2 of Castle Perilous, where you will find hoards of gold coins which you can use to buy armor, magic, life potions and various items you may find.

Alchemist's Shop in the Shire has Magickal Weapons and other Important Items to be found, if one knows the Wyrding Ways of the Sage or Sorcerer, and possesses the Alchemist's Stone or Spells of Opening and Runes of Power or Keys of Entry.


HTML5 Game by Gorebagg da Lost

LEGENDARY peaceful hamlet of the Time of King Arthur and The Round Table of Knights of the Realm...

NOW OVERRUN with beasts and Evil Demonic Forces, arrayed against Arthur and his Good Knights by Morgan leFay and Mordred, powered by Magick and Protected by Dragons and fairies...

YOUR QUEST, should you decide to accept the almost-impossible mission, is to penetrate the Villainous Morgana leFay's FAERIE DUNGEONS beneath the Shire Itself, where YOU must find, collect in your Magick Bag, and destroy in the Delving Dungeon, the Deepest and Innermost of Morgana LeFay's Dungeons, ALL 7 ALCHEMICAL GOLD EARRINGS OF POWER from UR (Courtesy of MAMA).

YOUR MOST POWERFUL WEAPONS are your mind and your ability to concentrate your attention, to remember things and to spot those little eccentricities and anomalies that just don't belong -- the "what's wrong with this picture" syndrome.

YOU ALSO GET a variety of the usual ARMS & ARMOR, such as swords, ax, knife, mace, Medieval mortar-style bombs, boomeroo, a fabulous new Power Crossbow, and a plethora of INVENTORY ITEMS Secret Magickal Weapons, Advanced Blades and RUNES and of course -- what 1st-person action adventure game would now be considered complete without some sort of rocket-launcher -- in this case, a magickal weapon???

The neatest thing is, you can pick up items in your inventory AND DROP THEM, SHARE THEM, GIVE THEM AWAY TO TEAMMATES and EVEN DUPE THEM for others if you find the ALCHEMISTS' SECRETS and HIDDEN CHAMBERS!

COMING SOON: NEW G.O.D.D.(tm) MODS where you can gather items and BRING SPECIAL ITEMS TO OTHER G.O.D.D.(tm) GAMES to share with friends!!! Watch for this feature in the upcoming releases and upgrades and BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR NOTICES ON UPDATES AND NEW RELEASES !

WANT TO BE A BETA TESTER? Not everyone can make the grade -- you have to pass a clan-style online game test with a Master Player such as Xxaxx[LoL], Norman[DK], Intrepid[DK] or Galbik[LoL][DK], and then you are sent downloads of beta test games, but all Beta Testers are required to report bugs and gaming defects, so it's a fun job, but it is serious and Beta Testers take their responsibilities seriously.

THE SHIRE was designed by Award-Winning Listed Exhibited Museum-Collected gorebag[LoL], founder of LoL Gaming Clan and designer of Dungeon Party and other 1,000,000 + download online 3d action adventure games for PC since 1994.