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The Story

Just a fun romp through the tombs of Mummyville, fun for lunchtime or that special break! GoreBagg's spooky scary levels will thrill and chill you!!! This action shooter is fast & furious, simple levels with no need to map or memorize!

Mummyville Mummy's Tomb

Use arrow keys (or aswd) for movement (up, down, left, right)

If you are inclined to shoot something, use space key

The number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 will change weapons

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Raid the Mummy's Tomb

HTML5 Game by Gorebagg da Lost

Treasures beyond belief await the Raider who penetrates the secrets of The Mummy's Tomb.

Designed by Legendary Gamer Gorebagg da Lost, The Mummy's Tomb offers fun, yet challenging, levels for any gamer.

Definitely a game for noob and pro alike, The Mummy's Tomb gentlely builds skills of movement, intuition, along with a strong ability to map and dig out hidden tunnels and doorways.

Along the way are many pitfalls and traps laid by the ancient Priests of Isis. Mummies, bats and other Creatures of the Depths of Darkness abound.

Heavy with menace, the tomb yields slow and steady to the resourceful Raider's relentless pressure and inspired instinct.

Gorebagg has littered The Mummy's Tomb with bizarre twists and turns and everywhere there is constant danger.